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Thursday, 16 December 2010

Christmas Down Under

So we're a bit behind with the blogging.  Still got stuff to add - latest Gro a Fro pix (apparently it's all coming off tomorrow) and a little video documentary of our aid ascent of Moonlight Buttress, Zion.
The problem is - we're now  back in the real world with no time to blog - having arrived in NZ about 2 weeks ago.

So far we've bought a van, Simon has started work, I've started job hunting and we've arranged somewhere to live.  We're currently not living there - we have the unfortunate task of house-sitting a luxury pad (inc outdoor swimming pool and spa) in the country while the owners are away.  No internet though, so I've relocated from poolside to bring you this brief update.

Hawke's Bay is as green as N Wales, as hilly as Scotland (well, this bit's flat, but there's mountains behind us), as warm as Southern France, and packed with vineyards and fruitfarms.  The sea is blue and not too cold (wetsuit still required at this time of year) and about 5 miles from where we will be living.  Surf's good.

Mountain-biking close by is supposed to be excellent although our bikes are still somewhere on a cargo ship between here and UK.  Simon has bought himself an oh-so-cool single speed to get himself to work.  I did laugh when his custom-fitted white pedals turned bright pink in UV light (he's swapped them for glow-in the dark instead - the green goes with the wheel rims).

So, keep tuning in for more pictures and hopefully more adventures from Jones & Jones

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