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Our Itinerary

So this is where we're planning to climb in the States. I don't think we'll make it to all of the pins on the map above, but here's the draft itinerary:

Arrive 19th August, San Franscisco
  • Aug Week 4: The Needles, California
  • Sept Week 1: High Sierra, California
  • Sept Week 2: Tuolomme, California
  • Sept Week 3: Yosemite, California
  • Sept Week 4: City of Rocks, Idaho
  • Oct Week 1: Tetons, Devil'sTower, Wild Iris, Wyoming
  • Oct Week 2: Boulder, Colorado
  • Oct Week 3: Moab, Utah
  • Oct Week 4: Canyonlands, Utah
  • Nov Week 1: Indian Creek, Utah
  • Nov Week 2: Zion, Utah
  • Nov Week 3: Red Rocks, Nevada
  • Nov Week 4: Joshua Tree, California
Depart Nov 30th, Los Angeles

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