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Grow a Fro Project

How curly can Curly go?  Every climbing trip needs a project.  So while we're in the States, Simon will aim to grow a magnificent 'Fro!  He will be training his hair follicles into peak condition with a daily routine of stretching, frizzing, dread hangs and forehead curls.  With a 'do like a coiled spring he'll be ready to send any route, dude!  The question is, how will it all fit under his climbing helmet?

Follow his roots progress on this page.  We'll keep you posted!

Wednesday 18th August
The day before our trip commences and, as you can see, Si is sporting a fetching, freshly permed look with waves of "strawberry blonde" locks framing his devilish good looks.  Sideburns need a bit of work though!

Thursday 2nd September
 A couple of weeks into our trip and Si is a bit blonder (or is that whiter?).  The curls are a bit more unruly and peaking on top in a delightful Coco the Clown style.
Monday 27th September
 More "Mad Scientist" than "Funky 'Fro", here's Simon in a disheveled, pre-shower, state!


Simon is beginning to worry that his lengthening curls look a bit silly and is threatening to go for a hair cut!  Please post your messages of support to keep the "Gro a 'Fro Project" up and running!

Saturday, 30th October

Ok, so I've cheated a little and sited him in front of a large aspen tree, but as you can see, the fro is coming along nicely.  4 weeks of the project left.  How much bigger can it get?  Or, like the aspen, will Si shed his coverage for the winter?

30th November
 JESUS!  No, it's Simon.  You must admit that it's quite an impressive fro!  Project success.  Although when I look at Simon, I can't help thinking of quirky highschool legend, Napoleon Dynamite!

Grow a Fro Final Images
21st December 2010
So there it is.  How curly can Curly go?  Very curly!  Sadly, this is the final photo of Simon's magnificent 'fro.  A few days later it all came off.  The staff at Hawke's Bay hospital didn't recognise him, but I hear that the clippings fetched quite a good price at the Woodbank Station fleece auction in January!

Curly gets shorn. I think the barber should have stopped here. Simon could have sparked an 80's hair revival!


  1. Coming on - but he ought to be growing a full set to go with it!

  2. Re the newsflash:

    Don't let him anywhere near a hairdresser/barber shop, I'm waiting to see him with a headful of wild curls!!

  3. he needs a mo to go with the fro

  4. opps that anon is kate (liking the blog keep it up)

  5. it's still not as long as it used to be!! The boys at work are all growing moustaches for "movember" - you could join in too Si?? H.