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Thursday, 23 June 2011

The Joneses' Guide to Travel Essentials

Inside our Subaru.  Luckily for me I've got short legs!
Now we know how complicated it is to pack for a trip - especially when different climates and activities are involved.

When we arrived in New Zealand after our big climbing trip, we were fortunate enough to find a rented flat with a cupboard large enough for all our gear.  As The Joneses' activity portfolio diversified, more and more gear was accommodated in this Tardis-like store-room.  This presented us with a challenge when it came to relocating to Queenstown (where we planned to diversify further into snowsports).

As we unloaded the contents of the cupboard into our car (and onto the back of a lorry), we packed only the bare minimum of kit required.  To help you prepare for your next adventure, we've compiled this list of Joneses' Travel Essentials:

10 x Technical jackets
9 x Pairs of 5.10 shoes
8 x Helmets (4 biking helmets, 2 climbing helmets, and 2 skiing helmets)
7 x Bags of belongings
6 x Boxes from the back of a lorry (climbing hardware mainly)
5 x Bicycles, 5 x Climbing ropes
4 x Wetsuits, 4 x sleeping bags
3 x Pairs of ski boots, 3 x pairs of flippers
2 x Pairs of skis, 2 x "fat boy" deck chairs, 2 x beach umbrellas
1 x Surfboard, 1 x boogie board, 1 x large designer lamp-shade

Here is Marian modeling our crammed car in Kaikoura.  Yes, the suspension is supposed to be that low.

Even the Marcoses would have difficulty keeping up with the Joneses "shoe mountain".  A recent stock take has revealed that the Joneses own a staggering 41 pairs of footwear just in New Zealand!

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  1. you know you're not allowed to use flippers in triathlon Si?!

    Thanks for the list. We're accruing our own hoard here; a disproportionate amount of clobber for someone who doesn't even live with us (yet)!